The best Pakistani technical personnel trained at the highest level


Adel Al-Ameeri Office for Recruiting Trained Manpower from Pakistan aims to fulfill your desires and bring in specialized and appropriate human cadres that are compatible with your needs of Pakistani technical workers who are trained at the highest level and with experience and competence.
We have all categories of technicians such as: Computer maintenance technician + mobile maintenance technician + refrigeration and air conditioning technician + electrical technician + electronics technician + TV technician + aluminum technician + decor technician + printing press maintenance technician etc.
Call us now or write to us on WhatsApp number 923135404155, and they are the workers.
* All necessary medical examinations are made for the labor.
* All workers enjoy the highest levels of honesty and morals.
Adel Al-Amri Office ... your gateway to recruiting trained workers from Pakistan.
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Office No. 6, 3rd floor, Hong Plaza, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi

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