An integrated team is always happy to serve youً

We are proud of an Arab cadre with great experience in the field of labor recruitment from Pakistan to facilitate the requests of those wishing and finish the recruitment procedures in the least possible time and at the lowest cost

Our work team is at the center of everything we do, so the success of our office is based on their efforts and talents. Working in the company is characterized by a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, which directly reflects the company's values ​​and consistency with its principles.

A company's success depends on its employees and workers. The vision of the company is based on the growth of the workforce, including both its employees and its employees, which is included in every way in the company's goals and is consistent with the company's values.

Amjad Khan

General Manager

Adil Al-Ameeri

Marketing Manager

Rameez Zakir Abbasi

Finance Manager

Muhammad Imran

Visa Processing Officer

Muhammad Wajid Sheikh

Marketing Officer

Muhammad Asif Rasheed

Field Worker


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